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How To Fix Broken Canvas On A Porch Swing

I’ve recently been brainstorming on how to fix broken canvas on a porch swing. We’ve had this porch swing for 8 years now. It was something I begged my husband for right after my oldest daughter was born. I wanted something to sit in and rock my newborn while I enjoyed the summer weather. My husband brought home this one at a great price from Bargain Outlet.
After 7 years of sun rays beating down on it, the canvas had had enough, and the material finally split.

Turns out that finding a replacement canvas is not so easy. And if you do find a place that makes them, you end up paying for a custom fit that would cost almost as much as buying a new swing altogether. I had already spray painted this swing to hide some rust. We did not want to throw out a sturdy frame, so I did some brainstorming on finding a cheaper solution to fix this. I spent about $30 for this fix, which is much cheaper than a custom canvas or obviously cheaper than buying a new swing altogether.

So today I’m going to show you how I used Polypropylene Lawn Furniture Re-Webbing with a needle and upholstery thread to get this swing back in motion.
Materials needed to fix broken canvas on a porch swing:

needle and upholstery thread

Start by cutting off the old worn out broken canvas and throw that out.
I had at one point spray painted this swing to cover some rust spots. Now that the canvas is cut off, you can see the original color that does not match the white. I did not spray paint over the tan at this point, but I wish I had. So if you want to repaint your frame at all, now is the stage in this project to do so.

When I was looking up how to install re-webbing, I found many tutorials about using metal clips or drilling holes and screwing it into the metal. I wanted a seemingly less complicated way to install it, so I simply took one end, folded over about an inch, and wrapped that around the top left side of the metal frame.

I then got out my stapler, and stapled this together to mark where the beginning is and to hold it on temporarily. (later, I took out the staples and replaced it with upholstery thread, but this was an easy way to get it installed first before sewing.)

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