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How to Crochet a Moss Stitch for Any Project

Crocheting can seem like a cool but also very difficult hobby. Sure, it’s relaxing and you get to make adorable knit scarves for you and all your friends, but it looks a bit hard to do, doesn’t it?

It can be especially intimidating when you’re trying to make a really well-made piece. You want the stitching to be perfect and you can only help but imagine that a perfect piece must require some kind of really difficult technique.

But don’t fret, beginning crocheters, there is a stitch that combines the best of both worlds: the moss stitch. The moss stitch is amazing for novices because it comes out beautifully and is also very easy to recreate.

This stitch is particularly great for blankets, scarves, and sweaters — but it’ll make your new knit hat Insta-worthy, too, don’t worry.

The look of a completed moss stitch looks almost like something that’s been woven, hence its name. The stitches come out nice and tight together, which is why this stitching works best for things like scarves; this tight knit (see what we did there?) will keep you nice and cozy.

Mid-stitch for a moss stitch tutorial.Tamara Kelly
One downside to the moss stitch is that it does take up some time. The pattern is a checkerboard of single crotchet and chain-run windows; this allows each row to make a small gain in height. And when we say small, we mean small.
But if you can truck through it, the gorgeous end result is well worth it! You may have put in the time, but now you have a nice, homemade sweater for your closet or as a DIY gift. Plus, it’s kind of nice when projects take a little longer! You crotchet because you love to do it, after all.

The other really great thing about this stitch is that it works with a single crotchet at the end of each row. Translation: you’re going to get a nice, clean, contained border around whatever you’re making. That’s why this stitch works so well for blankets and throws, in particular.

Make sure you watch the video by DIY Everything below to get the full tutorial on this simple yet beautiful stitch! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy this crocheting technique is to master and how gorgeous your projects will come out.