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How to Cheaply Make Your Own DIY Lysol Wipes

Having the convenience of cleaning wipes (like Lysol wipes) is great. Literally, I am obsessed with these wipes – I use them in the bathroom, in the kitchen, even on the floors sometimes! But with these pre-packaged products, you often end up paying more for less when you buy them from the store.

All too often do you run out of the pack quickly, just to run back to the store and pay another $5 or so for a new container. Is it just me, or do there seem to be less and less of these wipes in a pack every time?

So what’s a simple solution to get your wet wipe fix without wasting money? Making these convenient cleaning wipes on your own. It sounds like a difficult project, but you can make your own copycat Lysol wipes out of some quality paper towels and simple homemade cleaner! It’s that simple. Do It On a Dime shows us how it’s done in the video below!

This trick is so brilliant, I cannot wait to get home and try this myself.

Essentially, you’re cutting your paper towel roll in half, putting in a container, and soaking it with product. The paper towel will absorb the product almost instantly. This transforms your regular paper towels into wet wipes that you can pull and use from your container just like the store-bought ones!

Here’s what you’ll need and you’ll need to do to get started:


Paper towels
12 oz. water
1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
4 squirts dish soap

Step 1:

Cut your paper towels so that they fit in the container of your choice.

Step 2:

In a cup, combine your water, alcohol, and dish soap. Mix to combine.

Step 3:

Pour the mixture over the paper towel in waves, so the towels have a chance to absorb the liquid.

Step 4:

Pull out the cardboard center of the roll.

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