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Here’s The Secret To The Flakiest Pie Crust Ever

Who doesn’t love a slice of good old fashioned apple pie? Especially in the chilly fall months, when all you want to do is wrap up in a blanket, drink hot cider and indulge in all things apple? Let’s face it, this is the season of apple-themed desserts, after all.

Well, you’re about to love this classic treat even more than you already do.

There are so many incredible parts of apple pie, I’ll admit it’s difficult to choose a favorite. Is it the juicy, sliced apples inside? Maybe the gooey, warm cinnamon sugar that surrounds them?

For me, personally, it’s the crust. All the way.

Pie crust is so much more than just a container for all the good stuff; pie crust is the doughy, buttery, flaky anchor on which this entire dessert is depending. If your pie crust is poor, then the overall quality of your pie will most definitely suffer.

The one part of pie crust that’s almost always a huge letdown? The bottom of your pie.

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