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Here’s How To Unlock Your Car In Less Than 30 Seconds If You Ever Lose Your Keys!

Most of us have locked our keys in the car at least once. Or our kids or significant other have done it for us. It happens when warming up the car in the morning, making a “quick run”, or just fooling around. A long “Uggghhhh” and some colorful vernacular usually follow the event.

It’s common for people to misplace their spare keys too. Stuff happens. If you’re ever in a situation where you don’t have a spare key or a family member you can call for backup, this hack could help. If you simply want to avoid the lecture or scolding that will come from said family member, try this.

Or if you don’t want to give money to a locksmith and you’re feeling your own handiness, you can do this. What you will need however, is a car that has exposed locks on top of the door. Locks that are nested on the inside panel of the door are unreachable with this trick. And remember, use this on your car, not a stranger’s.


  • String that is the length of your car door plus 1 foot (the video uses 2 meters)


  1. Tie a Knot

    string unlocking hack

    Fold the string in half, and in the center place a small slip knot. It should tighten up when you pull each end.

  2. String it Through

    With the string ends in your hands, slip the string over the door frame. It should fit through the crack where the door meets the frame.

  3. Lasso the Lock

    Loop your lasso string over the lock’s knob, and pull it so that it’s tightly secured around the lock.

  4. Pop the Lock

    Pull up the ends of the string up until the lock pops up.

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