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Here Are 15 Fun and Fancy DIY Ways to Use Cinder Blocks Around Your Home and Garden

If you’re an avid DIYer, then you know that, with a little bit of elbow grease and creativity, pretty much anything can be upcycled into something beautiful. Take cinder blocks, for instance. Sure, they may conjure up images of construction zones and extreme karate kicks, but these cement fixtures are actually quite versatile.

Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve got 15 brilliant projects to prove you wrong. Here are some of our favorite ways to repurpose cinder blocks…

1- Outdoor Bench and Organizer

cinder block loveseat

The must-have lounge/organizational tool for those with the greenest thumbs. Customize your piece with paint and designs that best fit the theme of your garden. You can even match this bench to your petunias!

2- Patio Love Seat

cinder block bench

Working with tools not really your thing? Then consider installing one of these trendy cinderblock love seats. If you can assemble a Lincoln Logs cabin, you can put together one of these bad boys.

3- Outdoor Grill

cinder block grill

Add some fiery pizzazz to your cooking with this clever outdoor grill project. The materials are dirt cheap and the grill itself can be assembled in less than a few hours—just in time for dinner. Did someone say ‘s’mores’?!

4- Stackable Planters

cinder block planters

The perfect project for those just getting into gardening, these stackable cement planters allow you to add in new plants as your collection grows.

5- Aquarium Stand

cinder block aquarium stand

Traditional aquarium stands are not only pricey; they are also not the easiest on the eyes. So, instead of dropping a couple hundred bucks on one you are not in love with, simply make your own. Your fish and reptiles will never look better!

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