Have Scratches on Your Car? Here’s How You Can Easily Fix Them With WD-40 – Life Hacks Tips

Have Scratches on Your Car? Here’s How You Can Easily Fix Them With WD-40

So we all know by now that WD-40 is pretty magical. It can remove carpet stains, shine stainless steel, remove stickers and even clean your walls. Now we’re hearing it can get rid of scratches on our cars! Sound unlikely? We were pretty skeptical, too. What we needed was proof, but who’d be crazy enough to try it? The Crazy Russian Hacker, of course!

Seeing your car scratched up is so disheartening. You take good car of your car, it’s your baby, and EVERYONE can see how the outside looks. (The inside is a different matter entirely.) But, luckily, there is an easy solution to quickly get rid of these bothersome scratches.

All you need for this trick is a can of WD-40 and a rag/paper towel. You probably have both in your garage right now!

Spray a healthy amount of WD-40 onto the offending scratch, then give it some elbow grease. Wipe at it firmly until you see the scratches starting to fade away – and they really do fade away! You’ll have to give it a couple coats of WD-40 (he does three or four in the video in the next page) to really get the best results, and don’t be afraid to really rub at the scratch to work in the product.

To this point, make sure you’re using a completely clean piece of paper towel or rag for this hack. If there are any small grains of dirt or debris on the rag and you’re scrubbing at your car, you could make the situation ten times worse.

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