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Grandma Starts Collecting Bottle Caps. 1 Year Later, Her Craft Room Is Totally Transformed

People all over the world have interesting collections.

Some people collect stamps, others collect coins, and still others hang on to pristine Beanie Babies. The hope is always that the collection will one day be worth something.

For example, lots of people collect bottle caps wherever they go, as a way to remember special nights and fond memories.

These caps don’t usually have a lot of monetary value, but they make for a truly beautiful crafting material for folks who love DIY projects.

Beautiful handmade projects are also the perfect way to display a bottle cap collection lovingly, showing them off to everyone who stops by the house.

While some people might just display their collection on a knickknack shelf or in an album, we’re partial to something a little more creative.

One woman, who goes by the user name Coraline Jones on HomeTalk, decided to show off her bottle cap collection in a truly incredible way: on the floor.

Scroll through below to see how she transformed her craft room with a spectacular bottle cap mosaic.

Many people collect bottle caps, but usually they store them in jars or containers, where the collection may just gather dust.

One woman, who goes by Coraline Jones online, decided to do something a little more special with her bottle caps: turn them into a floor mosaic.

bottle caps

She writes:

We hated the musky carpet in the office / craft room, so, rather than buy a normal floor covering, I decided to challenge myself.

I began collecting beer / soda bottle caps from friends and family across country as well as circulating a picture of my project to local pubs. It took over a year to complete because I waited for people to drink the right colors.

bottle cap floor tile

Almost all the caps were flattened with anything I could find round enough to rebend them into shape (husband’s [socket wrench], hammer, etc. ).

Then, each cap was piped with tile mortar to dry fully, allow [sic] stability for walking.

bottle cap floor

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