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Foolproof Way to Cook Your Holiday Rib Roast

Thanksgiving might be the next holiday on the docket, but if we’re being honest? When it comes to our meal planning, we’re already looking forward to Christmas! There’s so much to look forward to, from cozy, tasty mornings to everybody’s favorite sides, but we all know the culinary star is the main entree— especially when you go all out and make a classic roast!

If you’re springing for a pricey roast this holiday season, the last thing you want to do is ruin it in the cooking. To make a beautiful and tasty roast that will impress your family and friends, you don’t need much. You just need some salt, pepper, garlic and a tried and true cooking method. Luckily, we found the BEST one, coming to us from the pros over at Allrecipes. Take a look and see how it’s done, then read on for even more info!

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