Fireplace Makeover – Life Hacks Tips

Fireplace Makeover

Brick fireplace makeover with stained wood.

Just moved in and this above was just not going to work. If you look close it has cracks in it repaired half a**ed. It’s the focal point in the room. We were getting new carpets so, I decided to tackle the FP before they were installed.

I used $2 wood strips and concrete nails. I hammered them in at the mortar joints, then took down the mantle and used a grinder to take off/out some bricks to make room for electrical.

I went to a local landscaping place and picked up pieces of slate. I needed to cut some with a grinder. The hearth I made myself using 2 of the slabs. I needed to do in it stages, but it turned out ok. I used mortar to set them in place.

The shiny look in this picture irs just from a soap wash, but I obtained the look later by using Murphy’s Tung Oil. (found a video on youtube.)

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