Faux Stained Glass Wine Bottle Using Food Coloring – Life Hacks Tips

Faux Stained Glass Wine Bottle Using Food Coloring

I saw a few different methods of this and wanted to see which one was the best. This is usually done on flat glass surfaces, but I love to experiment with my wine bottles and boy am I glad I did because this is now one of my favorite pieces! So I’ve tested all the methods out and, in my opinion, found this one to have the best results. This is very easy but I’m not going to lie, it is VERY time-consuming as you have to wait for each section to dry before doing the next but the results are so rewarding and did I mention that it’s way cheaper than buying glass paints!

This is the step by step video that has more detail such as, the products I used, the do’s and don’ts and some extra ways you can display the bottle… or just keep scrolling to follow the step by step instructions I have written out. Let’s get started!

The first thing you’ll need is an image, or you could freehand a design if you want. If you freehand a design, skip this step. If not, here is what you will need to do. Go to this link and download the Image.
Link To Free PDF Peacock Picture File: http://www.delphiglass.com/stained-glass-patterns/bird-patterns/free-peacock-bevel-panel-pattern-faces-right
You will need to make a copy of it. The copy MUST be a laser print copy. It CANNOT be from an inkjet copy. I got mine at my local FedEx. If you go somewhere to get the copy, they are most likely using a laser printer but just ask to make sure. I made 5 copies just in case I messed up. Cut the image out leaving about a half inch, to an inch border around it.

Stick it down, print side down, onto the bottle. I used painters tape and made sure the tape didn’t overlap any of the image. That is why you leave a boarder when cutting the image out.

Using a brush and some acetone, (or nail polish remover with acetone in it) brush it over the image until you’ve covered the whole thing. Don’t get it on the tape as it will unstick it.
Now take the back of a spoon and press down all over the image. When you are done, lift one side, if you see it’s not fully transferred, place back down and repeat until it is. This transfer is very light so look closely.

Take a sharpie and trace the whole peacock. I only traced the peacock. Now go over that with black fabric paint. You can use any paint that dries puffy. Let that fully dry.
Place something under the bottle so that it doesn’t move. I use an old egg container, flipped upside down, and it works great for this!
Using a cotton swab, dipped in rubbing alcohol, remove all the old sharpie marks.

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source: hometalk.com