Faux Cement Tiled Front Porch (With Stencils!) – Life Hacks Tips

Faux Cement Tiled Front Porch (With Stencils!)

Transform a basic cement pad patio with the help of cement paint and stencils. The result is a unique cement porch that looks like you used expensive cement tiles.

I began the project with a clean cement pad. I had painted a pattern on the porch in the past, but it was not with paint made for cement. So most of the paint had peeled off with time. To prep the cement I used a scraper to remove old peeling paint and then I prepared the cement for paint by etching. I used an all in one product that removed grease and etches at the same time.

Next up I painted the front porch with a gray paint created for cement. I trimmed along the posts and edges of the house first, and then coated the cement with a roller on an extension arm. Two coats of this paint and the porch was completely covered.

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source: homestead128.com