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Easy Cake Decorating 4 Ways

When it comes to food, presentation is almost as important as flavor – we believe it can even make things taste better! – and nowhere does that seem to be more true than dessert. And the number one dessert for fabulous, awe-inspiring decorating? Cake, of course! Just one problem: the impressive cake decor designs we love are usually just a little beyond our skill level.

Luckily, you don’t need a degree from cooking school to make your cakes beautiful— you just need us! In our quest to find the best and the easiest ways to do everything, we’ve discovered FOUR ways to decorate cakes that are both lovely and simple. All you need a cake, some frosting, a fork and a spoon! Watch us demonstrate.

Consider this cake decorating for dummies—foolproof ways to make a layer cake look super impressive without a lot of fancy tools. Two even use store-bought candy.

One of these designs requires a piping bag of sorts, although we’re sure a Ziploc would work. And number 3? Malted milk balls! How mod and futuristic does that look? And you could be as sloppy as you wanted with the frosting underneath.

These are giving us all kinds of ideas about things we could stick into frosting to create a pattern—marshmallows, gumballs, an ombre pattern with similar-shade jelly beans…

Easy Cake Decorating 4 Ways

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