Don’t Throw Away Your Tea Bags— Plant Them Instead! Here Are 9 Reasons Why You Should – Life Hacks Tips

Don’t Throw Away Your Tea Bags— Plant Them Instead! Here Are 9 Reasons Why You Should

Before you tip over your teapot and pour out the tea bags, consider this: they have more than one purpose. From beauty to cleaning to home health remedies, tea is a best-kept secret.

You may know about tea bag use as a remedy for eye afflictions, toothaches, or razor burn. But did you know that they’re good for greenery too? Wet, dry, open, or closed, tea bags make a great addition to all your plant-related endeavors.

Image of used tea bags.

Find out how to use one of the world’s most popular drinks in your garden. Check out this list of nine ways to give your tea some new life and make your plant game top notch.


Tea helps to speed up the decomposition process of organic matter. Paper or muslin tea bags can be added to the compost pile, provided you snatch the staples out first. For non-biodegradable tea bags, you can slit them open and use the moist tea leaves in your compost.

compost pile


Roses love it, and so do houseplants and garden plants like ferns; tea makes a nutrient rich fertilizer with its tannic acid and nitrogen-boosting properties. To use as a fertilizer, you can brew up some tea or mix damp black tea leaves into the soil or spread it around the base of the plant. Keep in mind that because of tea‘s acidity, it may not be beneficial for plants that require neutral or alkaline soil.

3-Outdoor Remedies

Step outside and you’re bound to run into some type of bodily hazard. Poison ivy, sunburn, or bug bites can all be treated with tea bags. For stings and bites, used a cooled tea bag as a compress to relieve itching, sting, and inflammation. With poison ivy or sunburn, you can either use the compress method, or make tea to add to lukewarm water in a bath. Soak up its healing properties.

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