DIY TICK TUBES – Life Hacks Tips


I despise ticks, and it’s why I’m on a mission to stamp out the tick population in my yard with these DIY tick tubes.

I’m happy to say that it’s quite easy to defend your family from ticks with this easy tick tubes DIY. I’m sharing all of the materials, instructions, and tips for making these powerful and effective tick tubes to help you mobilize and take action against disease-carrying ticks this spring, summer and fall.



I mentioned that I really, REALLY hate ticks, right?

Well, living in the country my whole life means I’ve picked more than a few ticks of of myself and my kids. In fact, ticks seem to really love my little girl. I’ve had to remove TWO nasty ticks from her neck in the past two years.

The last tick bite that Kara received caused a suspicious rash to form on her neck, and her doctor prescribed a round of antibiotics just in case. I was a nervous wreck worrying that my little girl had contracted Lyme Disease. Thank God, she didn’t, but ticks are certainly a constant worry this time of year.

I’m pretty serious when it comes to finding ways to combat ticks in our yard, and the Lyme Disease that they can carry isn’t something that I want my family to ever have to deal with. In addition to making these tick tubes, I’ve also been making my own DIY tick repellent spray. We spray this DIY tick spray on our shoes, clothes and hats before going outside.

I first heard about tick tubes a few months ago when I stumbled upon a Facebook post advertising them. After doing a little research, I found out that it’s actually really simple to make your own DIY tick tubes at home. The list of materials that you’ll need is pretty short, and you probably have most of the necessary items on hand already.

The full list of materials and instructions can be found at the bottom of this post in a printable format for your convenience.

You’re going to need some tubes—either toilet paper rolls or pieces of PVC pipe. You’re also going to need either cotton balls or dryer lint.

The one product that you may not have on hand for your DIY tick tubes is a bottle of Permethrin. You can easily pick this up on Amazon like I did.

Permethrin is a repellent developed to spray on your clothing to kill ticks, chiggers, mites and mosquitos. It’s even effective against the yellow fever mosquito, which can transmit the Zika Virus. It’s as effective as 100 percent DEET.

So, you probably know that deer spread ticks with Lyme disease, but funny enough, these same ticks get Lyme disease from MICE—not deer!

Your DIY tick tubes are going to provide some tick-killing soaked building materials for mice nests (your cotton or dryer lint). The hope is that the ticks who’ve hitched a ride on these mice will be exposed to the Permethrin and killed. Meanwhile, the mice and other animals on your property aren’t harmed.

As I mentioned, research in the last couple of years has shed light on mice being a major host of dangerous ticks.

I found out that a single mouse can have more than 100 ticks attached to it at a time—and these nasty ticks will lay eggs for the next generation!

A mouse with 100 ticks? I am literally itching just thinking about that. No. NO.

When Permethrin comes into contact with the mouse, it does not harm them, but it kills the ticks and future cycles.

After you’ve made your DIY tick tubes, you’ll want to place them strategically around your property. Mice are always collecting material for their nests, and you’ll want to focus on placing your DIY tick tubes in lightly wooded areas near the perimeter of your property.

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