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DIY Serving Tray: a little sunshine to brighten up a winter’s day

Tray Tag Cards Tray Backgrounds Winter is here and it’s in this icy time when you or your loved ones may find yourself sick in bed with the flu. When you are feeling under the weather there is nothing better than knowing someone is thinking of you. In today’s DIY we will show you how to take an ordinary frame off the wall or out of the garage and make it into a loving serving tray. Print out our free printables and follow the instructions below to show you care.

{Or simply use the tray in your home, it will look great on both your coffee table or your dining table. It can also be used as a personalised gift. Place photographs of your family, friends, birthday, wedding etc. behind the glass to change the look}.

Personalise the message on your tray by turning it into a chalkboard. Simply remove the backing board from the frame and paint it with chalkboard paint, (two coats should do the trick).

Once it is dry place it back into the frame without the glass top. Use chalk or a chalkboard pen to scribble and draw a message. A hot bowl of soup and some fresh bread should help anyone to start feeling just a little bit better.

Add a little sunshine to a colleague’s day by printing out our “get better soon cards”. Simply place in an envelope and attach to a box of chocolates or a bag of sweeties.

You can also attach these handy tags to a bunch of flowers or get creative and put a “dose of get well cheer” pack together. Wrap up a box of strepsils, med-lemon, nasal spray and headache pills.

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