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DIY No Sew Drop Cloth Bed Skirt

We’ve been posting lots of progress photos on Instagram (@beginninginthemiddle), including some of the master bedroom at our historic townhome. When we mentioned that we made the bed skirt ourselves out of painter’s drop cloths, and no sewing was involved, many of you asked for a tutorial. Here goes!

Bryan started off by making a very basic bed frame out of plywood and 2×6’s. It cost us about $50 and sits 18 off the ground, allowing for storage underneath. To snazz up the frame, we made a flowy, Restoration Hardware inspired bed skirt. Between Michael’s and Home Depot, we were able to find everything we needed. Total cost was under $50. – Two 4×15 canvas drop cloths – the regular kind, not heavy duty! – One 6×9 drop cloth for the surface of the skirt (optional) – Pack of tacks – Fabric scissors (had them), and – An upholstery hammer (if you don’t have one, a regular small hammer will do the trick) We used two 4’x15 hallway drop cloths for our Queen bed, and cut them each in half to get two 2’x15 strips. The four 215 strips gave us about 60 feet of gathered length to work with, and 2 feet of height to work with. To attach the skirt to the frame, we used tacks. One fold a time, one tack at a time. It went surprisingly fast (especially with the upholstery hammer).

Because we had ugly plywood on the top of our frame, we covered the whole thing with another 6×9 drop cloth cut to size.

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