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DIY Crate Coffee Table

We all know it can get pretty expensive when redecorating any room in your house, especially new furniture. I knew that I wanted a new coffee table, but was not going to spend an arm and a leg on a new one. So I made one using wood crates! I found my crates at Michaels Arts & Crafts. I was able to use a 50% off coupon on each of them, making them about $7.50 each.
This Crate Coffee Table made out of wood crates is so functional! It is easily moved due to the locking wheels, also it serves as a great little storage space. You can also change out the center piece, whether it be flowers, potpourri, or Holiday decorations.

4 wood crates
1 piece heavy duty plywood
1 can of wood stain
foam or paint brush for stain
4 caster wheels with locks
24 5/8 wood screws
electric wood sander (if sanding edges)
4 small L brackets

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source: myanythingandeverything