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DIY Broom Rack

We live in a smallish house. We don’t have a separate laundry room, we have a tiny laundry nook in our family room instead. There’s no room for a broom cupboard so our cleaning supplies are tucked away throughout the house. As I was sitting on the toilet recently, I was struck by inspiration (that’s where all great ideas happen, right?). I was staring at the side wall of our laundry nook and it occurred to me that I should just hang the brooms right there on the wall.

I decided to make my very own DIY broom rack using recycled decking and an old, wooden broom handle.

I started by cleaning my piece of decking … with a scraper.

The back of the board was even worse.

After much scraping, I set about sanding. I made sure the front was super smooth to touch as I wanted it to feel like a really old, well-loved piece of furniture. (I didn’t bother sanding the back as it would be against the wall )

Then I got to work making the pegs. This part was surprisingly easy (which never happens!). I cut the broom handle into peg-sized pieces.

(When you’re cutting the broom handle, brace a piece of wood against it so the saw doesn’t spin the handle and break your finger.)

Then I clamped each peg in a vice and predrilled a hole in the end. I then simply glued and screwed each peg to the decking board.

Both the decking board and the pegs appeared to be made from a blonde wood but I never know how dark a timber really is until I oil it.

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