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Deck Makeover – Big Change for 250.00

Chuck and I bought our first house together in April 2014 and it has been one project after another…and yea we love it:) The deck looked OK at first, then the cheap red stain the seller had put on started coming off, a year later this is what it looked like – it was so ugly we had to do something. So Memorial Day weekend we power washed it for what seemed like hours and hours

No matter the angle of my camera it was still ugly..

We really didn’t know anything about stains or decks so we researched on line for a few more hours. Finally decided on Flood Cedar Tone Stain, zipped off to Lowes and picked up a 5 gallon container. Was really nervous but nothing to lose. After 3 coats and little over 1/2 the container our deck looked like this – Beautiful! We couldn’t believe how great it turned out!

It looks new and it is a really old deck. The rails on the other hand looked bad. We couldn’t get all the red stain off them so we decided to paint them white. So off to Lowes again for some Olympic Icon Paint and Primer. I thought 5 gallons, but Chuck thought 3 would be enough (he’s usually right especially about math stuff) in Brilliant White.

This was by far the hardest part, painting all those rails. We are not young folks- I’m almost 50 and he is a little over. I feel my age today. We painted 3 coats yesterday (6 hours), but it turned out wonderful. Also only took 2 1/2 gallons of paint.

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