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Crate Storage With a New Spin

I am always looking for inexpensive ways to create storage in my kids’ rooms. I originally made this storage unit for my daughter but used boy-friendly colors, on the off chance that she doesn’t want it. Turns out she wants it, but wants it painted fuchsia. This project uses wooden crates that I already had, a lazy susan mechanism, two pieces of wood for the lazy susan, a full length mirror, hooks, and scrap wood for shelving. **Just a note, my daughter is all of 5 ft 1 inch tall, so this project is the perfect height for her, but if I were making for myself… I would add another crate.** One of the comments below from Snuttall1947 was brilliant! She is making one of these for her bathroom. Imagine what a great space to store towels and bath products vertically. Just wanted to share, in case you miss this in the comments. So many great comments on where to use this: craft rooms, closets, pantries, pool areas, garages, laundry rooms and mudrooms… I hope I didn’t forget any… Possibilities are endless…

I started this project so long ago, I can’t find the beginning pictures. Basically, there were two pictures of 5 painted wood crates and a picture of the lazy susan mechanism before it was attached to anything.

The above picture is where the problems began. To make the lazy susan base of my project, I bought two circular-shaped glue edge boards from Home Depot. I began staining them on my deck. One was stained and then I was interrupted before I started the second. I completely forgot them on the deck until the next morning. Of course, it rained during the night. The one that was stained faired “ok” but this one did not. I was determined not to go buy another one and this wasn’t going to glue back together perfectly. “Stay on budget” is my mantra. So, I changed the plans from two circles on my lazy susan to one circle as the base and a small square wood top.

In this picture you can see the small square base that is slightly larger than the lazy susan mechanism. I made this by glueing two board scraps together. The square was roughly 7 inches by 7 inches.

Here is a close up of the base that I made attached to the lazy susan hardware. Instructions recommend that you spray the ball bearings with WD 40 before attaching to the wood pieces. Once it is together, it would be hard to get close to them. My wood square is just slightly larger, at around 7 inches, than the lazy susan hardware.

Next, I clamped it to my crate. This will be the bottom of the crate when it is all put together. I drilled holes for the bolts which will hold it to the crate and I just eye-balled a square shape. You should measure.

I put my bolts in to make sure everything was good. They were some that I had in jars and were actually too long but I will cut them off at some point if they bother me.

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