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Crate Planters

Is there anyone here who can honestly raise their hand to admit they were born with two brown thumbs? If you could see me right now, that would be ME. As much as I love DIY, fashion, colors, and just all things pretty (including flowers), I’ve never been very savvy with keeping anything you have to plant ALIVE. However, there is always hope, right? I stumbled upon this super cute idea with planters and crates, and had to give it a little upcycle twist. Here’s to hoping I can keep these beauties alive!
*Note: this project could cost a little more if you do not already have the necessary hardware and tools. My husband is in construction so we always have power tools laying around. 🙂

To get started, you’ll need to paint your terracotta pots. Of course you can always buy the pretty pots already painted — or even plastic ones will do — but for this project, I wanted to go crazy with color so I chose some fun, bright colors to paint the pots with myself. I flipped the pots upside down on a big sheet of tissue paper that were in my husband’s new boot box and I attached my spray handle to the spray can. It’s not necessary to have the spray handle but it is super convenient and you won’t get paint on your finger from pressing the top of the spray can. I’ve always found that it distributes the paint more evenly than without the spray handle, but as you can see, I’m a heavy sprayer anyway.

An optional step next would be to use painter’s tape to give some of your pots a different design. I wanted to mix up my colors a bit so that the pots weren’t all one, solid color so I taped off two of my smallest pots for some contrast.

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