Coastal Scarf Wreath – Life Hacks Tips

Coastal Scarf Wreath

This may be the easiest wreath I’ve ever made! It can be made for under $10 in about 10 minutes. I love how simple it is and it gives me the coastal look I wanted in a summer wreath.

A couple of months ago, I was looking around at various items at Dollar Tree. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular on that visit, but when I spotted these scarves with a coastal design of sea shells, I bought five of them. I used a coupon at Michaels for the straw wreath form.

I started the wreath by wrapping the end of one of the scarves around and tying it off. The next steps? Wrap each of the scarves around the wreath and use pearl head pins to keep it in place. How easy is that?

I left the scarves slightly loose as I wound them around the wreath and bunched it along the way.

Using some wired ribbon I had on hand, I looped it around the wreath and tied it off into a bow. I added small pieces of ribbon to add loops to the bow and pinned them in place.

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