Childhood Chunky Dresser Up-cycled Farmhouse Style – Life Hacks Tips

Childhood Chunky Dresser Up-cycled Farmhouse Style

Remember these HUGE chunky bedroom sets we had as kids? Did I just date myself? HaHa! Just look at the “bones” of this dresser though… it’s actually stunning BUT It needs a re-creation like no ones business! Challenge accepted….
This particular dresser I remember…I think I had the matching waterbed that went with it!! It was built solid and sturdy and will definitely last another 50 years! Let’s do this…

I used chalk paint to re-paint the entire piece in a soft creamy off-white and I did slight distress by sanding the corners and edges back to the natural wood. Instantly changed the look already.

I only did one coat of paint on the top piece as I had plans for that one…..

Now, no matter what you do to this piece the mirror is going to have it keep it’s dated look. I needed to change that! You know those thin pine stakes that come in a bundle for about $6-$14 Cdn. at Home Depot? YES, that is what I bought to cover the mirror. I wanted a thin wood easy enough to glue down and a wood that was raw so I could glaze it with ease. I had to get my husband to cut all the pieces because I wanted them different sizes to fit over the mirror, like a small ship-lap look.

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