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Check this out to see if you’ve been cutting these 7 vegetables wrong

Cooking is great. After all, who doesn’t love a freshly made homemade meal that has filled your house with the fantastic aroma of something bubbling away on the stove? But cooking and prepping are two very different things, aren’t they?

While everyone may love a slowly simmered sauce, or a sheet pan of veggies that have been roasted to perfection, who really wants to spend all that time chopping and dicing?

No one. In fact, prepping has often been touted as the most annoying part of preparing a meal. That’s why they have all those over-priced containers of pre-chopped vegetables in the produce aisle next to all those whole needs-to-be-chopped vegetables. But, learn how to chop and slice those vegetables the right way – which also happens to be the fastest way – and the next time you have a big meal to prep, you’ll do it with a smile instead of a groan.

1. Onions

Onions can be some of the most difficult vegetables to chop. Their skins are slippery, they have a way of shooting out their middle while you’re mid-chop, which can leave you to nearly taking off your finger while you do it; not to mention that you’re crying the whole time. But chop them easily and quickly and you’ll hardly shed a tear.

Start by keeping the root end intact. This will hold the entire thing together while you get busy chopping. Remove the excess papery skin and then chop the entire thing in half from root to tip. Then slip a fingernail under a portion of the skin and tug gently to remove it easily.

Lay one half down on a cutting board, cut-side down. Lay your palm flat against the top of the onion and with a sharp knife, make horizontal cuts through the onion towards the root. Turn the onion around, move your hand and then make thin vertical slices from the root to the top. Then, just slice across the slices you just made and voila! Your onion is now in a perfect dice.

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