Built-in Kitchen Banquette – Life Hacks Tips

Built-in Kitchen Banquette

We recently added a built-in Banquette to our 120 square foot kitchen. We are really enjoying all the extra seating the new banquette created. The seat of our banquette opens up for extra storage. What a difference it makes to our tiny cape! The previous home owners didn’t have a dining table in this small kitchen and now we can seat eight people and have squeezed 10 kids around this spot. We did some major renovations to this kitchen too- cabinet refacing and tile.

BEFORE banquette and kitchen remodel.

BEFORE we built the banquette and remodeled the kitchen

AFTER- we made some major changes along with the banquette. I have more details on the entire kitchen remodel on my blog.

I wanted to make sure we had enough room for pillows, creating a cozy spot to sit.

Taped out the space and size of the banquette first.

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source: nestingwithgrace.com