There’s where we left off…trying to style the room. It’s easy enough to change out the duvet, add some pretty pillows, but the functionality of the room is still very important too. The BIG issue we had in this room is that, living in a subdivision, our bedroom faces out onto the top of a loop and we have a street light blaring into the window at night. Our previous white fabric blinds were nice, but it did nothing for blocked out the street light or giving us any semblance of privacy…so off we went in search of new blinds.

Having used BALI BLINDS for our custom roman shades in our kitchen a few months ago (remember THIS post?), I naturally checked out what they had online and was thrilled to find options for wood blinds other than your traditional white, oak, or dark wood that you traditionally only find at the big box stores!! Don’t believe me? Check out their selection of Wood Blinds here and see what I mean below…

ALL those color options for your blinds! Say what?!

They have a huge selection of paints and stains that help you find the perfect match for your room. Being that I wanted something a little different, I opted for 2″ Northern Heights™ Wood Blinds in Cloud…a nice light gray color. When you order, you specify how you want them mounted, as well as width and length…so no more worrying about blinds 10 feet longer than you need (and ten times heavier than you like in most cases). They come perfectly made for your window!!

See here, they are completely let down and there’s no extra hanging at the bottom. They are made the exact width and length of the window, which you never think is annoying until you realize how nice it is to have them custom made and fitting the window like a glove.

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