Backyard Tiki Bar – Life Hacks Tips

Backyard Tiki Bar

I always wanted a place outdoors to entertain, even if it rains.
This was a BIG project for me. I had no written plan, so a LOT of this was trial an error…this is my disclaimer 🙂 I am NOT a PRO

A great friend, and licensed contractor, Tom Water’s and his son, built this 10×40′ pavilion on the back of my garage. Now all I have to do the either wait for the grass to die….OR.. Spray it

After spraying, I laid weed block to cover. I used 4×4’s as a border. Then used a speed bore to pre-drill holes. Lastly, iron stakes to hold them in place.

I thought of using concrete stain on the block retaining wall. A friend suggested bamboo fencing for the wall. Two words…LESS MESS. I love it. It screams TIKI.

I ordered 4 tons of Blue Stone dust. It’s very fine and feels like sand. It took me all day to wheel barrel this in from the driveway (felt like all year…think of it as exercise)

The stone dust provides better drainage than sand. It is self-tamping, and after a few days, it sets-up like stone. In addition, later, when I am able to lay pavers, it only takes a stiff rake to loosen it up. I can then use it to sweep between the joints of the pavers.

This is 3 of the pallets broken down, using a reciprocating saw. I would upload the video, but it not in the right format. You’ll have to trust me that it’s EASY! The other 3 pallets were left intact. They provide the framing for the bar.

Scrap wood is used as corner supports on the top and bottom of each corner. The bar is U-shaped with one pallet cut in half. The other two pallets are placed next to one another.

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