Again From the French Doors…….. – Life Hacks Tips

Again From the French Doors……..

As most of you already know, I replaced the original glass panes with fused glass panels for a screen door and a door for my office…..

After carefully removing the original glass the question……what to do with the glass? It seemed a shame to send it to the land fill………

Using a hammer and chisel removed all the glass panels……. Most came out in one piece, fortunately……. Using the following tools, cut into strips and trim for a set of 8, different lengths. Using to cut offs, and special wire that can withstand hi heat in the kiln I added some gold decals for detail on the end of the chimes. The horse shoe (and horse head) shapes were cut using a clip art glued on to the glass with a ring saw. Holes drilled using a diamond coated hole saw with a dremel.Glass

These were then cleaned up using regular window cleaner

Tools to cut and break the glass

gold decals for detail

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