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A Stylish and Unique Way to Display Your Kitchen Knives

With a few simple items, you can create a unique way to display your knives. Instead of hiding them in a drawer, display them in this stylish holder.

Items assembled

Find yourself a round or square heavy glass vase. You don’t want it to be really tall. I found mine at a garage sale for $1.00. Check the dollar store for one but you want it to be pretty thick.
You will also need packs of wooden skewers. You are going to completely fill your vase so your package count is determined by how large your vase is. I figured mine to be 2 packs which I picked up at Kroger (food store) for $2.00 each. I’m pretty sure the dollar store carries these too.
Of course, you will need the knives you will be displaying.
What’s not shown is a table saw or a good pair of sharp scissors.

Place in the vase.

Completely fill your vase with wooden skewers pointed ends up. You want this pretty tightly filled.

Add tape to wrap all of them Tight

Wrap tape, I used painters tape, around all the skewers holding them in place

Mark skewers

Using a thin marker trace the top of the vase all along the skewers.

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