9 Big Mistakes Everyone Makes on Cruise Ships – Life Hacks Tips

9 Big Mistakes Everyone Makes on Cruise Ships

If you’ve ever been on a cruise before, you know how fun they can be—living it up with the food and drinks, wind in your hair on deck, and stops at every gorgeous tropical island. What could be better?

Unfortunately, there are certain things on a cruise ship that can make your trip somewhat frustrating. If you aren’t prepared, you might run into one of the top common cruise ship mistakes that many people make.

And if you’ve never been on a cruise ship before, use these mistakes as a guide when booking your first trip. Check them out:

1-Booking your flight the same day the ship leaves.

No one wants to waste a vacation day—so flying in the same day you’re supposed to leave on the cruise is pretty common. But airlines aren’t the most reliable (and neither is the weather). So if you fly in the same day, you risk missing your ship in the event you’re delayed. Do yourself a favor leave yourself a good 24 hours just in case of delays or cancellations.

2-Booking excursions through the ship.

When taking a cruise, you probably want to go all out. But if you’re booking any excursions (say horseback riding on the beach when the ship docks, snorkeling, or a dinner in the sand), you may want to research it first. Chances are, if you book it through a different party, you’ll end up with a much better price (and probably a better time too—booking through the ship tends to have times that are pretty early in the morning).

3-Using your cell phone as you normally would.

Many people forget to turn off data roaming when on a cruise, and then get hit with a massive phone bill. Phone calls, texts, and even checking your Snapchat story can cost you major bucks if you’re not careful.

4-Trying to fit more than two people in a room.

We get it, we always try to share rooms to save some extra cash too. But bunking up on a cruise ship is probably the last thing you want to do. Why? Rooms aboard a ship are much smaller than your average hotel room. Sometimes they can barely even comfortably fit two people, let alone four or six. (Plus, do you really want to try to brush your teeth in and do your hair in that shared bathroom space with a number of other people?)
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