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9 Animals That Don’t Look Like Anything You’ve Seen Before

It’s a great time to be an animal-lover! With the powers of the internet and plenty of mind-blowing nature docs at our disposal – did someone say Planet Earth? – we literally have access to the animal kingdom at our fingertips.

That said, there are so many species out there in the world, we feel that we’ve just scratched the surface when it comes to familiarizing ourselves with some of the more “off-beat” creatures. Because of this, we scoured the web for the most unusual animals we could find— and boy, were we left impressed. Here are 9 of the most unique animals you have NEVER seen!


Two things here: yes, the blobfish is actually a REAL animal, and yes, it is very ugly. So ugly, in fact, an organization called the Ugly Animal Preservation Society named the deep sea swimmer its official mascot in 2013. Talk about a back-handed compliment!

2.White Liger

At a big cat preserve in South Carolina in 2013, four legends were born in the form of the very first litter of white ligers. “What’s a liger?” you ask? Well, a cross between a tiger and a lion. “What’s a WHITE liger?” An animal whose parents are a white lion and a white tiger. Amazing stuff!

3.Goat with cyclopia

That ain’t Photoshop! This is a picture of a real-life newborn goat taken earlier this year in Assam, India. The “Cyclops Kid” was born with cyclopia, a condition that leaves the sufferer with just one eye.

Though the affliction is a rare occurrence in and of itself, what makes this animal so special is that it actually survived past birth. No word on how this kid is doing today, but we hope it is still flaunting its big, wondrous eye!

4.Pink Dolphin

In the brackish waters of Calcasieu, Louisianna exists a natural anomaly— a baby pink dolphin. The animal – or Pinky, as she is known to locals – is a bottlenose dolphin who has a form of albinism that makes her skin appear powder pink. Unsurprisingly, Pinky is quite the celebrity. You can even follow her on Facebook!

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