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8 Great Dusting Tips for a Cleaner Home

Dusting isn’t likely anyone’s favorite activity, but there are some great tricks that work a lot better than using a typical feather duster on the whole house. Check out these Reader’s Digest tips to more quickly and easily dust your home clean:

1- Baby Wipes

after you’ve shaken out your laptop to get rid of any debris caught between the keys, use a baby wipe ot remove dirt, dried spills and gunk from the keys themselves. Just make sure you turn off the computer before you do this.

2- Fabric Softener

repel dust with a mixture of 1 part fabric softener and 4 parts water. Put this solution in a squirt bottle and apply some to a clean cloth. Use this cloth to wipe glass tables, shower doors and other hard surfaces to repel dust. Finish by polishing surfaces with a dry cloth.

3- Fabric Softener Sheets

use these to wipe down your electronics screens. They’ll remove dust from your TV and computer screens and prevent dust from resettling for a few days.

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