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8 Extremely Dangerous Foods That People Eat Anyway

There are some crazy things out there that people eat— and even more dangerous ones that have somehow become staples of our diets anyway.

We’re not only talking about the certain kinds of fish and plants that are actually quite dangerous to consume or carry a huge risk with eating them. Did you know that very common things – like a certain spice and a particular plant extra popular this time of year – can actually be dangerous to eat in large quantities? Take a look at this list and make sure you’re avoiding foods that could potentially poison you— or at least make you super uncomfortable!

1. Raw Cashews

Cashews are super recognizable by their curved shape and light tan color, but did you know the way you see cashews packaged in the store isn’t how they grow naturally? The nuts you see in the store might be advertised as “raw,” but thankfully, they’re not – consuming actual raw cashews could be lethal.

What makes natural cashews so dangerous is the chemical urushiol, which can also be found in poison ivy. Consuming the chemical could lead to similar effects of poison ivy and can possibly even kill you. The nuts have to be steamed to get rid of the urushiol before they’re sold in stores.

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