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7 Ways to Clean Your Crusty Stove

You don’t have to admit whether you clean your stovetop twice a year or twice a day, but it does deserve a good scrubbing. How to get it done is a topic worthy of discussion.

Quick wipe-downs don’t always get rid of crusty gunk that’s stuck on the surface. Like the spillover from pots that gathers around the burners. Or gravy splashes. Or the dried oil splatter from whatever you cooked four days ago.

It’s got to go. When you don’t have store-bought oven cleaner (it works for stoves too) or a commercial cleaning solution available, you can DIY the job. Get your glass top, ceramic burners, or stainless steel stove looking fresh without any scratches. Check out the tips below!

White Vinegar

All-powerful white vinegar doesn’t disappoint. Pour some into a spray bottle and spritz your stovetop. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes. Wipe clean.

For stubborn goop, sprinkle some Borax or baking soda first and then spray vinegar on the area. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes and use a moist paper towel or soft sponge for wiping.

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