7 Unconventional and Genius Ways to Use Your Iron – Life Hacks Tips

7 Unconventional and Genius Ways to Use Your Iron

Most of us probably have one of these lying around the house right now – an iron. How frequently you use it is another story entirely. With the invention of wrinkle-free fabrics and chronic laziness that tend to send us to magical places called the “dry cleaners,” we can all probably acknowledge that the iron isn’t the most-used appliance in our homes. But, even if ironing IS a part of your weekly routine, you’ll be surprised to hear that there are some unconventional ways to use this contraption that nobody thinks about! Watch the video below to see how can give new meaning to your iron.

Stop letting your iron collect dust in the back of your closet! The iron has some pretty amazing uses to make your life easier…even if it’s not the one it was designed to do. Semantics.

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