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7 Cool Hacks for Pool Noodles

The unassuming piece of foam known as the pool noodle doesn’t always get the shine it deserves. More than just a nimble, cheap swimming accessory, the pool noodle gets manipulated into doing many other things.

Thanks to DIYers like the Household Hacker, we get to see the versatility of this durable foam “thingy”. You can cut them, poke them, tape them, or string them, and during the summer, you can find them in abundance just about anywhere you look.

If you’re looking to make things easier around the house, you might be able to do it with a pool noodle. If you’re trying to mix things up in the fun department, you might be able to do it with a pool noodle.

Once you’ve seen Household Hacker’s ideas, you won’t look at those flexible tubes the same way again! Here’s a few of their tricks listed below:

1- Faucet Extension

So you need to need to fill your mop bucket, but there’s not a sprayer attachment for your sink. Direct that water to the bucket with a pool noodle! Attach one end to the spout and drop the other end in the bucket.

2- Doggie Washer

pool noodle washer

Prefer to give your dog outdoor baths? Instead of hosing him down, hoop him around with this DIY washing tool. Slice off about 2 inches of noodle and stuff it into one opening. Secure with duct tape and then bend it into a ring, with the open end sitting on top.

Close and secure the circle with a zip tie. Poke holes in the inner rim, making sure they are spread out. Place the hose in the open end and turn the water on, starting at low pressure until it’s at a comfortable level. Then you can wash the dog and his undercarriage – just like a car!

3- Camping Toilet

I think this one is my favorite, and I don’t even camp. When Nature calls and you’re outdoors, you’ve got to go. With a 5-gallon bucket and noodle, you can rig up a toilet complete with a cushy seat. Clip the pool noodle so it fits around 75% of the bucket’s rim; slice it lengthwise.

Line the makeshift toilet with a trash bag before popping the sliced foam on top. Tape your soft seat in place! Oh, and take Household Hacker’s suggestion to dump kitty litter in there before you squat.

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