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6 Forgotten Places Germs Are Lurking in Your Home

Think you’ve got the icky and sticky under control in your house? You mop, bleach, and scrub on the regular and your home smells like a lemon orchard or a lavender field. The royal thrones in all your bathrooms would be rated “like new” if there was a scale, and are fit for mothers-in-law everywhere.

But what about the lost, forgotten, trapped-in-the-dark gook that lies in the deepest crevices around your home? It too deserves your attention. You may not be able to see it or smell it, but it’s there, multiplying. Although the germs won’t kill you, at the very least they can make you sick or gross you out.

Inside Edition took a tag team of cleaning experts to visit several homes for spot checks on the muck. Good Housekeeping’s dirt specialists Meaghan Murphy and Carolyn Forte inspected the houses of self- proclaimed neat freaks whose homes are virtually spotless. What they found were a few hidden breeding grounds for grime.

Refrigerator Drip Pan

Collecting condensation drop by drop, the drip pan in the first house had black mold and discolored water sitting in it. To avoid this yucky buildup in your own refrigerator, the experts advise washing it at least once per month.

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