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5 Steps to Outdated Furniture Re-design

  • Time 2d
  • Materials: 2 Materials
  • Coste: $30
  • Level: Easy

The Story of Ava & Elsa
Ava & Elsa were not wanted.
Ava & Elsa sat out in a driveway thinking there was no hope.
Ava & Elsa were wobbly and scratched up pieces with a $10 tag for BOTH of them.
Ava & Elsa though they were worth more but needed someone to find them and make them beautiful again.
I was that someone…


Step #1 – Clean, repair and sand.
I used Krud Kutter and wood filler to prep them for their redesign. I used the degreaser formula, but Krud Kutter now has a prepaint TSP substitute. The Scott Rags in a Box are pretty handy – just use and throw away.

You want a good surface to receive the paint, allowing it to grab on – this is called “giving it tooth.” They must have been in a smoker’s home because the Krud Kutter took off a bunch of brown crud. It is good to clean it first so you don’t sand the crud down into the wood. After going over it twice with the Krud Kutter. I sanded to give it tooth and to smooth out the wood filled areas. Clean again to get the dust off and prepare it for paint.

5-steps-to-painting-out-dated-end-tables (1)

Step #2 – Grab your brush and start painting the base coat.
Classico Chalk Paint is a very thick paint – you can thin it if you prefer, but I liked its workability. It covers well in two coats. In this project, starting with a base of the Steel Blue, I flipped the tables upside down and placed them on top of cardboard boxes to be able to get the legs and underside easier.

5-steps-to-painting-out-dated-end-tables (2)

Step #3 – Dry Brush with Classico Storm.
Dip your brush in the paint and wipe most of it off onto a paper towel. Lightly brush it on so the paint only slightly highlights the base color, giving you a textured look. Storm is a grayish brown, a nice compliment to the Steel Blue.

5-steps-to-painting-out-dated-end-tables (3)

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