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5 Steps to Cleaning All Your Kitchen Appliances

Your kitchen appliances take a lot of heat — literally and figuratively. Whether it be oil splatters, moldy produce, or burnt food stains, your appliances can get dirty in the blink of an eye and guess whose job it is to clean it up? Sadly, yours.

Half of the battle of cleaning your dirty appliances is getting the motivation to get it done. And we mean REALLY get it done. Take it from a lazy cleaner herself, it’s so easy to just swipe a moist paper towel over the mess and put off the actual deep cleaning for another day.

Well, we’re happy to bring you the motivation that you need to finally get the job done! Do It On a Dime made a fantastic kitchen cleaning motivation video, specifically for getting your grimy appliances finally clean.

No more putting it off! With these five steps, you’re going to have a kitchen full of glistening appliances in no time at all. Here are a few of our favorite motivational tips from the video below.

1. The Toaster Oven

Cleaned toaster oven.

Nothing collects more crumbs than the notorious toaster oven. After weeks (or, let’s be honest, months) of cooking English muffins and toast for a quick breakfast, that bottom tray can look pretty gnarly.

While it’s helpful that there’s this tray for collecting these pesky crumbs, it’s not a self-cleaning tray. And, truthfully, it doesn’t catch NEARLY all the crumbs you produce! Not only that, but let’s not forget the outside of your toaster oven, which does not escape any nastiness.

This trick is easy, fast, and will leave you with a like-new toaster oven!

Combine lemon juice and a little water with cream of tartar so you make a runny paste. Using a soft sponge, clean the entire inside and outside of your toaster oven with this mixture. To really scrub the window of your toaster and the grimy bottom, use a cleaning toothbrush to really get a serious clean.

Finish with a kitchen appliance polishing cloth and you will be shocked by the end result.

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