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4 Things That Happen When You Give Up Diet Soda

There isn’t anybody left who thinks diet soda is good for you, is there? Just in case you haven’t heard, be warned: the “diet” in the label definitely doesn’t mean “health.” The chemicals present in diet soft drinks – especially the most common artificial sweetener, aspartame – make these beverages, in many ways, worse for you than regular soda.

We could go over all the ways diet sodas hurt your body, but why don’t we take a more positive spin instead and look at all the ways Prevention tells us your body benefits when you give them up?

1.Your brain will feel and work better.

One of the scariest things about aspartame and the other chemicals in diet soda is that some studies show that they literally rewire our brains, damaging nerve endings and altering chemicals. Luckily, as soon as you stop ingesting them, those effects start diminishing. You’ll think more clearly, sleep better, have fewer headaches and experience less anxiety. The sweet receptors in your brain will also go back to normal, meaning . . .

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