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19 Easy DIY Decor Projects That Anyone Can Do

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Does the very idea of reupholstering a chair cause you to panic? You’re in the right place to begin your DIY education — and lose your fear. These easy yet impressive decor projects each have five steps or less — and the results will leave guests gasping.

Half-Table Console

Upcycle a flea market find and adorn your entryway by crafting a console table so simple, even a DIY novice can do it. Essential to the console’s construction is a 2-by-2-inch strip of wood nailed to the wall at tabletop height; it’s there to bear the weight of the half table.

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Garden-Print Stenciled Tabletop

Nearly as simple as a paint-by-numbers project, this stylistically stenciled tabletop design requires only a steady hand, a floral stencil kit, sponges, drafting tape, and acrylic paint to create the illusion of a beautifully blossoming interior. Begin with a latex-painted table, and select a paint palette that complements the surface’s hue.

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Mobile Storage Table

If the Easter Bunny left behind an extra basket that is only collecting dust on your shelf, use the container to tame and tidy odds and ends in your room. By painting the basket a neutral shade and securing casters to supports beneath the basket, you can create a portable storage solution with a charming, rustic aesthetic in three simple steps.

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Stepladder Bed Stand

Those particularly perplexed by doing it themselves will find their match in this effortless one-step project. Salvage a vintage wooden ladder by placing books, floral arrangements, and framed pictures on each rung to create an industrial bedside table.

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Benches Bookcase

The only ingredients required to create an original and organized bookcase are wooden benches, wood screws, and a screwdriver. Coat benches in latex semigloss paint before stacking to harmonize with the hues of your home.

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Door Headboard

Don’t close the door on the idea of a regal and refined headboard due to expense or difficulty of construction. A reclaimed door sanded, painted, and mounted to suit your bedroom facade replicates the appearance of an attached headboard without the strenuous effort.

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Decorative Chair Backs

If you left your local flea market with lackluster dining room chairs in tow, enliven your loot with sturdy patterned paper. The project best suits simple chairs that can be disassembled, and serves as a streamlined dining set.

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