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15 Ways to Use Hydrogen Peroxide That Will Blow Your Mind

I remember hydrogen peroxide as something my mother would always use to clean a cut before bandaging me up as a kid, so I guess I always assumed that was it’s sole purpose. I could not have been more wrong. Hydrogen peroxide is more or less a miracle solution, able to do so many more things than I ever would have anticipated! If you’re looking for a household remedy, check hydrogen peroxide’s list of accomplishments below – you may have just found your answer.

1- Remove Stains From Clothing

You know those gross, yellow underarm stains on your white t-shirts? Don’t lie, everyone gets them. Banish your unsightly stains by soaking them in hydrogen peroxide before the wash.

2- Brighten Dingy Floors

My kitchen could use this especially. Combine hydrogen peroxide with a gallon of hot water and say hello to your sparkling new floors.

3- Help Your Plants Grow

Ward off fungus by adding a little hydrogen peroxide to your plant’s diet. Add a touch to the water the next time you’re feeding them.

4- Add Natural Highlights

Yes way. Combine 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% water, then spritz the solution on your hair and comb through for soft, natural highlights.

5- Get Pesticides Off Food

To get dirt and chemicals off your fruits, add 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide to a sink of cold water. Make sure to rinse your veggies in just cold water afterwards.

6- Clean Your Countertop

A perfect germ killer (especially right after you’ve used, say, raw meat) hydrogen peroxide cleans cooking surfaces wonderfully.

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