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15 Unexpected Ways To Use The Leftover Pickle Juice At Home

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The worst part about having pickles in your fridge (store-bought or homemade) is eating the very last one. Especially when you’re not sure what to do with the leftover liquid (and there’s a lot of it). It’s a shame to dump it out, but what else can you do?

STOP! There are a ton of ways you can use pickle juice, from straight up drinking (really) to more adventurous applications. In fact, we’re not sure why it isn’t bottled and sold as its own entity.

What do you do when the last of the pickles are eaten out of the jar? Drain the liquid and toss the jar into recycling, right? WRONG! Don’t let that liquid gold go to waste! There are so many unique and effective ways to use pickle juice. It’s great for adding unexpected flavor in drinks and dishes. Plus, as you’ll see in the list below, it can treat common ailments like sunburn and cramps! Read on for the full list…

1. Make More Pickles. Simply cut up some cucumbers, peppers, or other veggies and place them in the pickle jar with the leftover pickle juice. Seal it tight and leave it in the fridge for a few days. You’ll have

2. Relieve an Upset Stomach. Fermented foods like vinegar produce a lot of probiotics which can help with stomach pain, indigestion, and all sorts of gut health related problems. Since vinegar is a main ingredient in the brine of pickles, it stands to reason that pickle juice would be an effective way to relieve stomach pain!

3. Treat a Hangover. Drinking pickle juice may replace electrolytes and fluids lost from a night of drinking. Just make sure you’re drinking water as well.

4. Add to a Drink Recipe. If you want a new, fun, and unique drink recipe that will have all of your friends talking.
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