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13 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Use Vaseline

Petroleum jelly, a.k.a. Vaseline, is primarily used for protecting skin in all sorts of ways. Super chapped lips from the winter weather? Shriveled, dried up elbows not looking so cute? Noticing that your baby has diaper rash? Maybe you have a nasty little cut you can’t get to heal?

That’s right — Vaseline is the solution for all of the above. Since it’s a triple-filtered substance that’s free from impurities, it’s ideal for any and all skin problems you’ve got.

But there are so many other creative ways you can use this bathroom staple beyond your skin care needs! Here are 13 brilliant ways you can use Vaseline that you never thought to try before:

1. Prep Your Fragrance

You love your signature scent, but you hate how it’s worn off before dinner’s even over. A quick way to keep your fragrance lingering for longer is first prepping your neck and your wrists with a little Vaseline. Spray on your perfume after this step and prepare to smell amazing all night.

2. Unstick a zipper

How annoying is it when you’re rushing out the door and you’re stopped by a stuck zipper? It’s basically the worst way to start your day. Well, by putting a dab of Vaseline on the zipper and tugging hard, you’ll find that it will again run smoothly and get you to work on time.

3. Hair treatment

If unruly eyebrows, out-of-control frizz, or even unsightly dead ends are getting you down, your hair just needs a little Vaseline treatment. Putting a little Vaseline on hair can tame your strands and applying it to your tips will help prevent future breakage.

4. Fix Shoe Scuffs

We hate it went you notice a nasty scuff on a nice, patent leather shoe. But don’t assume your shoes are done for; simply dip a cotton swap in Vaseline and rub the scuff to get them looking good as new.

5. Get a Cleaner Paint Job

Paint entire nightstand with chosen wood paint

When you’re painting the house yourself, one of your big concerns if probably accidentally painting things that AREN’T your walls, like your door hinges, keyholes, and other household hardware. All you have to do is follow the advice of Allison Griffith of Refunk My Junk, and simply cover them in Vaseline to keep the paint where it should be.

6. Get a Cleaner Manicure

Likewise, this technique works for a professional-looking manicure, too! Byrdie recommends applying a little Vaseline to the cuticles with a cotton swab to keep polish off your skin, leaving you with a fresh finished product.

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