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13 Common Cooking Myths That Have Been Proven Untrue

Like old wives’ tales, cooking myths have been around for ages and tend to make people sticklers for how they prepare their food. They tend to pass down this information to other generations and word gets around.

You can probably hear your grandmother or mother telling you to salt the water before you cook. Most of us have heard that one, but do you know why we’re told to do it? The list below delves into some kitchen advice and cooking wisdom that can be put to bed.

1-Don’t Salt Beans While Cooking

This myth asserts that salting will make the beans tough. What really happens is that sodium softens beans skins, leaving them wholly intact and able to absorb more seasoning.

2-Washing Mushrooms Reduces Flavor

I don’t know about you, but I ain’t eatin’ dirty mushrooms. There’s a myth that mushrooms are porous, water will get absorbed, ruining their texture and flavor. Some cooks clean them with by brushing or wiping, some peel, and others forgo cleaning.

According to Harold McGee’s Curious Cook book experiment, a 5-minute soak resulted in about 1/16 of absorption and no change in flavor. So go ahead and give them a quick rinse!

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