11 Things You Can Fix or Clean with This Random Pantry Item – Life Hacks Tips

11 Things You Can Fix or Clean with This Random Pantry Item

Honest Question: do you have a cabinet full of barely-used cleaning supplies? Yep, we do, too– and boy, is it aggravating! It seems like so many of these expensive, chemical-filled bottles are just not versatile enough to be helpful for everyday use.

So, what’s the solution? Non-stick spray, of course!

Yep, you heard that right. Your run-of-the-mill non-stick spray is by far the most resourceful tool that you currently have stored in your kitchen cabinet. Here are 11 powerful reasons why this culinary staple will change your domestic game overnight…

1-It dissolves soap scum with one spray

Sticky, stubborn soap scum got you down? If so, just coat the area with a spray of non-stick goodness and wipe away. Finish it off with a thorough rinse to remove the slippery oil and you’re good to go!

2-It makes shoveling snow a breeze

Reduce the risk of shoveling-related stress by applying a bit of non-stick spray BEFORE you start conquering that snow and ice. This slick surface allows the heavy snow to easily slide off the metal surface. Smart!

3-It lubricates door hinges and keyholes

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