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11 Important Things You Should Teach Your Child by Age 10

Do you remember all the life lessons you were taught as a young child? As the first teachers, parents have unique powers in shaping our children’s behaviors before the rest of the world gets to them.

It seems everyone has an opinion on what and how soon a child should know something about social behaviors, daily living, or relationships with others. But there are some things that are so common that most of these sources will toss their two cents into some of the same buckets.

Today those buckets have to do with the tender age of ten. This pre-teenish, awkward time right before your kid hits the teen years may cause flashbacks. What did you know already? What do you wish you knew by that age?

Here are some ideas of what wisdom to impart to your child by age ten. You’ve been there, done that, and have the stories to prove it!

1.Basic First Aid

You’ve taught them how to call 9-1-1. They’ve watched you nurse their cuts and boo-boos, but show them how to properly sanitize and bandage a wound as something they can do for themselves— and possibly another family member.

2.How to Be a Gracious Winner or Loser

“In your face!” is all fun and games at home, but when around others, it may not be taken so lightly. Sore winners like to gloat and tease and sore losers get angry or sad. Chances are you’ve seen both sides in the same kid.

Explain why people sometimes win (luck, determination), but it’s not always that way. Being a good sport means saying “good game”, and knowing it’s just a game. Discuss both emotions of winning and losing but emphasize the positive.

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