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11 Brilliantly Simple DIY Shoe Storage Hacks

Shoe lovers, rejoice! There are some exceptionally clever and inexpensive ways to store your most coveted collection…your shoe collection, obviously. If you’re storing your favorite shoes in the oven (à la Carrie Bradshaw), get them out of there! These storage options will not only keep your shoes organized in plain sight, but they’ll show off your favorite kicks, too. And if you’re really proud of those boots you just HAD to have, you better be showing them off in a stylish way. Try any of these 11 clever DIYs for neat shoes and some updated decor.

1- Re-Purposed Ladder

Ladder Shoe Rack

Got an old ladder out in the garage? Before you consider sending it to the junk yard, turn it into a trendy project! Sand the wood and then paint the ladder a fun color (we love the fresh look of white) and once dry, you can hang your pumps from the ladder rungs easily.

2- Under-Bed Pallet Organizer

Pallet Bed With Shoe Storage

The space under your bed is under utilized…so why not fill it with shoes? These pallet racks are easy to make from reclaimed wood and won’t take up any much-needed space in your bedroom.

3- Kids’ Shoe Rack


Use an old pallet (you can get one for free at some hardware stores) to make a shoe rack…although “make” is a strong word. Simply lean the pallet against a wall and stick shoes into the slots! Easy as that. Especially perfect for pliable shoes like kids’ shoes or sneakers.

4- Colorful Molding

Molding shoe shevles

You can find molding at some antique stores or even at basic hardware stores! All you have to do is cut the molding to size and paint it a bold, fun color to give you wall decor some pop.

5- Wine Box Organizer

Wine Box Shoe Storage

For those of us who love wine almost as much as we love shoes, this is the perfect craft. Use a tote (any tote) and use cardboard wine separators to make sections for your shoes. Free and functional? Yes, please.

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