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10 Brilliant Ways to Use Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is kind of like the underdog of cleaning products. In our minds, rubbing alcohol is used for health purposes, mainly to disinfect a cut or clear your skin. Even pharmacies and grocery stores put rubbing alcohol in the health-related sections of the stores! But rubbing alcohol can do so much more than we think it can. For instance, it’s a kick butt cleaning product! Extremely cheap and a very effective disinfectant, rubbing alcohol makes the best cleaning supply you never saw coming. Watch the video below to learn 10 new ways you can use rubbing alcohol to clean your home.

A few warnings!

First, rubbing alcohol does stink pretty bad, so make sure you use it in ventilated areas. Second, it IS flammable, so please don’t use rubbing alcohol to clean your oven or toaster…that would be bad. And finally, don’t drink the stuff. It’s not the fun kind of alcohol.

The lovely people at Clean My Space have shared with us their 10 favorite ways to use rubbing alcohol as a cleaning product, and I have a few favorites myself!

Ice-Free Car Windows – Whether you’re still struggling with snow or need some tips for next season, this trick is wintertime GOLD. Spray a mixture of one part alcohol to five parts water on your car windows, this will prevent frost and ice from building on your car! Less scraping in the cold? Yes, please.

Streak-Free Mirror Cleaner – The painful thing about cleaning your bathroom mirrors is the streaky residue you leave behind. Not with a mixture of rubbing alcohol! On both mirrored surfaces and stainless steel, you get a streak free shine.

Disinfect Your Sink – After cooking with raw meat, it’s crucial to clean out your sink. But sponges won’t do the trick on their own. Spray some rubbing alcohol in your sink and give it a shine with a dry cloth to get a germ-free clean!

And there are a million more uses for rubbing alcohol around your home! For a few more genius ideas, check out some of the ways we use rubbing alcohol at lifehackstips!

Source: Tiphero.com